"Success is never owned it is rented; and rent is due every day."

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Personal Training Is Our Passion

You will find everything you need with Mark Slater Fitness. We are focused on providing high-quality personal training, nutritional counseling, supplements, fitness apparel and great customer satisfaction.

We will evaluate your daily nutritional information and provide feedback and advise you on small changes you can implement to make a large impact on your overall fitness goals.

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Are you not achieving your fitness goals at the gym on your own? We provide a program that will impact your core strength and propel you into a new era of strength and energy.

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Do you like to go to the gym with a friend? Our most successful stories come from people who join us in teams. Whether you are a couple or just friends, the extra motivation will drive you to your fitness goals.

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Client Testimonials

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MSF has propelled my health into a whole new realm! I haven't gone to a gym or anything more than walk my dog for more than 15 years. My eating habits were garbage and I needed help.

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Personal Training Client

Adam Beal

Digital Marketing Professional

I don't know how I can possibly put into words how MSF has affected my life. This has been journey for me but the physical part of my change started Jan 12 2012. That was my first session with Mark. It has now been 3 months and 38 sessions. Everyday is amazing and the changes that I have made with Mark's help is nothing short of amazing.

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Personal Training Client

Catherine Oskowiak

“I never worked out in my entire life before meeting Mark. Not only did he help me loose 30 pounds but he did so in such a way that I started to enjoy learning new work outs and actually working out on my own too. I never imagined I'd be able to run down the block or flip a tractor trailer tire...

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Personal Training Client

Tiffany Rutherford

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Best Personal Trainer Collegeville, PA

Award Winning Personal Trainers

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Our Team

Dedicated Personal Trainers 

Mark Slater Personal Trainer

Mark Slater


Personal Trainer

Mark sees personal fitness and nutrition as more than just a hobby, to him it’s a lifestyle! This lifestyle is more than "working out and eating right", you have to enjoy your work out and eat the foods you like.

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Corrine Blattner Personal Trainer

Corrine Blattner

Personal Trainer

Fitness should be functional and fun.

With a focus on client’s personal goals Corrine seeks to get you results in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Kristi Steele Personal Trainer

Kristi Steele

Personal Trainer

Kristi wants to help others succeed in their goals, no matter how large or small. She believes that anyone can improve their fitness level, no matter what his or her physical condition may be.

She knows personally how challenging it can be to reach a fitness goal.

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Matt Granteed Personal Trainer

Matt Granteed

Personal Trainer

"There’s no perfect workout; find something you can enjoy and make sure it will fit into your schedule. Set a specific goal and small milestones within that goal. Then, give yourself a few reasons why you are doing it."

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(215) 688-8466


Helping Charities Every Step Of The Way!

Boost Camp Mark Slater Fitness



5 Sessions -- $65

10 Sessions -- $100

Drop in-- $15

Starting March 1st

Monday 6 am, Wednesday 6 am, Saturday 10:30 am


Everett Slater Charity Run

Saturday June 10, 2017

$40.00 Entry Fee

All Proceeds Go To Sepsis Awareness

All participants receive a water bottle, T-shirt, personal training session voucher and more...


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